To Be Clear, Gmail will not be shutting down

A fabricated email circulating on Twitter/X falsely claims that Google plans to discontinue Gmail in 2024. Despite its humorous intent, some individuals are taking the hoax seriously, causing “Gmail” to trend on Twitter/X. However, it’s important to note that Gmail is not being shut down.

The Truth

Simply, Gmail is not going anywhere, but one of its access methods is. Which is Gmail’s basic HTML view. If you’ve been using the default “new” Gmail view, there should be no change for you. However, if you’ve specifically chosen the “basic HTML” view, your Gmail experience shouldn’t be altered.

Gmail is Here to Stay

The official Gmail Twitter/X account indirectly addressed the hoax, reassuring users that “Gmail is here to stay.”

Further, the company has updated its support page to indicate that Gmail will automatically transition to the Standard view which is the latest version of Gmail after the specified deadline date. As per the email from Gmail, Starting in early January 2024, Gmail’s Basic HTML view for desktop and mobile web will be disabled. These older versions of Gmail were replaced by modern successors over a decade ago and lack full Gmail feature functionality.

Currently, if you are attempting to access the HTML version prompt a message from Google indicating it’s designed for “slower connections and legacy browsers,” and asks for confirmation if you wish to continue with the standard version.

Gmail is Heading To

The HTML version is missing numerous features present in the standard version, such as chat, spell checker, search filters, keyboard shortcuts, and rich formatting. However, it remains useful in scenarios of low connectivity or when users prefer a streamlined email experience. It’s uncertain whether Google intends to introduce a mode specifically tailored for low connectivity. Near future, google is presently prioritizing the integration of AI-powered features into its products, with Gmail being a key focus.

As seems More to come, More to change

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