Signal improved the Privacy: Your Phone Number Is Now Hidden

Signal has emerged as a trusted platform for secure communication worldwide. Recently, Signal bid farewell to phone numbers, enhancing privacy by allowing users to connect using usernames instead. This shift reflects Signal’s dedication to safeguarding user data, offering a unique approach to messaging while prioritizing confidentiality.

The Signal

Signal is a privacy-focused messaging platform that prioritizes user security and data protection. Launched in 2014, and has gained recognition for its end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only the sender and receiver can access the content of their messages. Unlike many other social media platforms, Signal does not collect user data for advertising purposes, making it a popular choice among individuals concerned about their privacy online. With its commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of user communications, It has emerged as a trusted platform for secure messaging and has garnered a dedicated user base worldwide.

Good Bye to Phone Numbers

After a successful pre-beta period, Signal has officially said goodbye to mobile numbers in favor of enhancing privacy. Users can now connect with others on the encrypted messaging app using a username instead. While a phone number is still required for registration, it will no longer be visible in the platform to anyone using the latest version of the app unless the number has been saved in their phone’s contacts before, according to the provider. The new privacy-enhancing feature is currently available only to beta users but is expected to be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks.

The Signal Username

Usernames serve a different purpose compared to those on typical social media platforms. They aren’t used as logins or public handles; rather, they facilitate connecting with others without revealing your phone number. Your profile name remains unchanged, and your username isn’t visible on your Profile Details page. Others can’t see or discover your username unless you share it with them directly. Essentially, someone needs to know your exact username to initiate a chat with you on the platform, as the app doesn’t offer a searchable directory of usernames. This is where usernames become valuable for privacy.

Another Way to Start a Conversation

Signal Scan To Connect QR Screen
Signal Scan to Connect QR Screen, Source: Signal

As you already know Instead of disclosing your phone number, you can now share your username. Additionally, you have the option to generate a QR code or link that directs others to your username, making it easy for them to connect with you on Signal.

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