Games on LinkedIn comes to be real: But Why

LinkedIn is a well-known professional networking platform with over 1 billion users. They are on the plan for a next-level evolution. In a bid to further enrich the user experience and boost engagement by embedding the games on LinkedIn Platform.

Games on LinkedIn: A Strategic Shift

Traditionally known as a hub for professional networking, recruitment, and knowledge-sharing, LinkedIn is now expanding its edges by incorporating gaming elements into its platform. With games like “Queens,” “Inference,” and “Crossclimb,” LinkedIn aims to tap into the puzzle-mania trend that has captivated millions of players worldwide. But yet no launch date was disclosed to the public.

Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

As LinkedIn explores the gaming landscape, questions arise about its collaboration with Microsoft, a gaming powerhouse. With a gaming business that surpassed Windows revenues for the first time, Microsoft’s influence could significantly shape LinkedIn’s gaming project. However, details regarding Microsoft’s involvement remain undisclosed.

The Rise of Puzzle-Based Casual Games

The decision to integrate puzzle-based casual games aligns with the popularity of gaming apps across mobile phones and PCs. Non-gaming platforms leveraging such trends to enhance user traffic is not new, reminiscent of the era when crosswords dominated newspapers and magazines.

Games on LinkedIn Pursuit of User Engagement

LinkedIn’s foray into gaming is not an isolated effort but part of its ongoing efforts to enhance user engagement. Over the years, the platform has introduced various features catering to professional development, education, news dissemination, and content creation. By integrating gaming, LinkedIn seeks to offer users a diverse range of interactive experiences.

In essence, LinkedIn’s exploration of gaming signifies a strategic move to adapt to evolving user preferences and maximize platform utility. As the project progresses, the impact on user engagement and the broader digital landscape will become increasingly evident.

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