Joby Air Taxi, The World’s First Commercial To Soar

Joby Aviation, a firm specializing in the development of all-electric aircraft for commercial passenger service, has revealed the signing of a firm agreement with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

The Air Taxi in the UAE

This partnership aims to introduce air taxi services in the Emirate by early 2026. Joby is set to commence initial operations as soon as 2025. RTA, Skyports, and Joby have pinpointed Dubai International Airport, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Downtown as the designated launch locations for Dubai’s air taxi service.

Joby’s S4 Aerial taxi is engineered to accommodate a pilot and four passengers, reaching up to 322 km (200 miles) per hour. Its vertical take-off and landing ability proves it highly efficient in urban settings, negating the necessity for large horizontal spaces typically associated with conventional stations. To bolster its operations in Dubai, Joby has formed a local operating entity and plans to hire mainly from the local talent pool for its operational team. Furthermore, the aerial taxi company is exploring the localization of additional global business activities in Dubai and throughout the region.

Joby Has The Approval

In a historic moment witnessed at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, an agreement was signed granting Joby exclusive rights to operate air taxis in Dubai for six years. As part of the deal with Dubai, Joby has contracted Skyports to design, build, and operate four “vertiports” tailored for vertical takeoffs and landings.

This groundbreaking agreement not only positions Dubai as a global leader in providing fast, clean, and quiet air travel powered by Joby’s revolutionary technology but also secures vital support from the RTA. This support includes financial mechanisms aimed at facilitating the entry and growth of Joby’s service operations in Dubai.

They Have Plans

JoeBen in Joby Air Taxi
“Proud to partner with the government of Dubai to demonstrate the value of sustainable air travel to the world.”

The air taxi service, a key initiative of RTA’s progressive approach to future transportation, promises to revolutionize mobility in Dubai. Scheduled for launch as early as 2025, Joby Aviation eagerly anticipates providing an unparalleled experience for both residents and visitors. Moreover, the groundwork being laid for service expansion throughout the wider UAE underscores Joby’s commitment to reshaping urban transportation on a national scale. With its innovative technology and unwavering dedication to excellence, Joby Aviation is poised to redefine the way people travel, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey for all passengers.

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