NEOM plans to Complete “THE LINE” First Stage By 2030

In the heart of Saudi Arabia, a visionary project known as “The Line”, a futuristic giga city project by NEOM, is taking a bold step towards a brighter and greener future of urban living. This visionary initiative, promises not just a city, but a lifestyle redefined.

The LINE: A City of the Future

The LINE is all about making a city that’s very different from what we’re used to. Instead of being spread out like most cities, it will be long and thin, stretching 170 kilometers. This special design helps make everything close by and easy to reach. It’s like living in a big neighborhood where everything you need is just a short walk or ride away.

According to Denis Hickey, Chief Development Officer of The LINE By 2030, the first phase of The LINE will be complete—a significant step forward in bringing NEOM’s vision to life. With each day, The project moves closer to becoming a symbol of human achievement and possibility.

NEOM has Massive Earthworks Operation

One of the most impressive aspects of NEOM’s development is the sheer scale of its earthworks operation. This massive undertaking is the largest of its kind in the world. Every week, millions of cubic meters of earth and water are moved, laying the foundation for a city unlike any other.

The LINE is becoming a reality

Aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030,

The LINE is Becoming a Reality.


But NEOM is more than just a construction project—it’s a testament to human creativity and collaboration. The goal is to create a future where sustainability and economic growth go hand in hand, where people and nature coexist harmoniously.

Saudi Arabia Pioneering Sustainable Urban Development

At its core, NEOM is an experiment in urban planning—a chance to reimagine how cities interact with the environment. The LINE, with its focus on zero-emission living and thoughtful design, aims to set a new standard for sustainable cities.

As Denis Hickey explains, NEOM is an opportunity to create a better model for cities that prioritizes the well-being of both people and the planet. By embracing cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking design, NEOM hopes to inspire the world and lead us toward a brighter future.

In conclusion, Project NEOM is a testament to what we can achieve when we dream big. With each milestone, the vision of a sustainable, technologically advanced city comes closer to reality. As the world watches, one thing is clear: the future of urban living is full of promise.

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