Google Pixel users will get New Satellite SOS sooner

Exciting news for the Google Pixel users – a new feature called “Satellite SOS” is making its way to your devices. This innovative feature promises to bring your Pixel experience to the next level by offering an unparalleled level of safety and security.

Go to Settings

This feature, reminiscent of Apple‘s emergency SOS via Satellite, has started popping up in Pixel phones’ settings menus. If you’re eager to check it out, simply head to “Settings” > “Safety & Emergency” on your Pixel device, and you might just find “Satellite SOS” nestled between Emergency SOS and Car Crash Detection. While the feature doesn’t seem to be fully functional just yet, it’s clear that Google is gearing up to make some waves in the emergency connectivity space.

Settings Page for enable Google Satellite

What the new Google pixel Feature do

So, what exactly does Satellite SOS entail? Well, once it’s up and running, Pixel users will have the ability to send messages to emergency services and share their location even when traditional mobile or Wi-Fi networks are unavailable. This could be a game-changer for those in remote areas or situations where connectivity is limited.

Google has also provided some insight into how Satellite SOS will work in practice. You’ll be able to call or text emergency services, share your location via Google Maps, and even provide details about your emergency. Plus, the feature will automatically share your name, phone number, and contact details for up to three emergency contacts from your Google account.

The Timeline

Last year, Google made a promise to bring Satellite support to Android phones. Now, it seems like Satellite SOS might make its debut on Pixel phones first. While the exact rollout timeline for Satellite SOS remains a bit murky, the fact that it’s already appearing on Pixel devices suggests that it won’t be long before it’s fully functional. And with Google’s track record of innovation, we can expect this feature to be a game-changer for Pixel users in need of emergency assistance. Perhaps Google could unveil the feature at the upcoming Pixel event.

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