Surprise! The New M3 MacBook Air Is Ready For Preorder

Out of the blue Apple has surprisingly introduced not one but two new MacBook Air models powered by the revolutionary M3 chips with new technology. Apple‘s announcement of the new M3 MacBook Air models came as a surprise to many and the preorders are open for the public starting From 8th March. While rumors had been circulating about the release of new MacBooks, the introduction of two MacBook Air sizes was unexpected.

Is M1 MacBook Air Discontinued

The original M1 MacBook Air, a longtime favorite among users, is no longer available for purchase. In its place, Apple continues to offer the 13-inch MacBook Air with the M2 chip, now at an even more attractive price point. However, it seems the 15-inch MacBook Air with the M2 chip has been discontinued, despite its relatively short time on the market. Additionally, speculation suggests that the 13-inch MacBook Pro may also be on its way out, as it has yet to receive an M3 upgrade or a redesign.

How Powerful is the M3 Chip

According to Apple, the new M3 MacBook Air models boast significant performance improvements over their predecessors. With a claimed 60% increase in speed compared to the M1 MacBook Air and a whopping 13x leap in performance compared to the Intel-based MacBook Air, the M3 chip sets a new standard for computing power. Gaming enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that games like No Man’s Sky run up to 60% faster on the M3 models. At the same time, video editing in Final Cut Pro is also significantly accelerated. Moreover, Apple promises that the M3 MacBook Air is twice as fast as a Windows-based laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor, improved web browsing speeds, and extended battery life.

Does the M3 Macbook Air Have the Same Design?

While the internal upgrades are impressive, the external design of the new MacBook Air models remains largely unchanged from their M2 predecessors. This consistency ensures that users can enjoy the sleek and modern aesthetics they’ve come to love while benefiting from the enhanced performance of the M3 chip.

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